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Mary and Umbro win the 2015 CDI-W Pacific League Final

Mary has the opportunity to head to her fifth World Cup Final thanks to her victory tonight in the FEI CDI-W Grand Prix Freestyle riding her imported Jazz gelding, ‘Umbro’ with a score of 73.725%. The World Final is in Gothenburg, Sweden early next year and at the venue for Mary’s first World Cup Final in 1995 riding Mosaic.

When Mary Hanna entered the arena, she was focused and probably aiming at more connection with Umbro, as she shared with us yesterday after the grand Prix. She pleased the judges and the crowds with a technical choreography. “I am really thrilled with him tonight, he was better that yesterday, good energy and really he tried his hardest. It is a difficult test and he really pulled it off. He was more connected, the judges said he was better in the frame today and that is what you want: happy judges.” She scored 73.725%, taking first place and led the lap of honor of this Pacific League World Cup Final.’

FEI CDI-W LF Grand Prix

UMBRO Mary Hanna 1st: 69.260%

FEI CDI-W LF Grand Prix Freestyle

UMBRO Mary Hanna 1st: 73.725%

Photo: Derek O’Leary


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