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2015 Birds Equisports Dressage with Altitude CDI

Mary and Umbro posted a personal best score in the Grand Prix topping the leaderboard with 72.521%. “Umbro has never felt better. We rode our best score ever in the Grand Prix with 72.56%, which is also a record score in the Grand Prix for an Australian based rider. My gorgeous Jazz boy just gets better and better. Hamag Strona is still a little bit green but showing super potential. This is such a fun competition with some super performances from many competitors.” Photo: Stephen Mowbray Pryde’s EasiFeed Intermediate II (CDN) 1st Umbro – Mary Hanna 71.228% 2nd Hamag W Strona – Mary Hana – 68.640% HRC Group Grand Prix (CDI) 1st Umbro – Mary Hanna 72.521% 7th Hamag W Strona – Mary Hana – 66.80% Jill Cobcroft Grand Prix (CDI) Freestyle 1st Umbro – Mary Hanna 75.950 %


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