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2016 Dressage & Jumping with the Stars

Super happy with my two horses at DWTS. Calanta placed and showed much more confidence in her Prix St George.

Class Name: FEI Prix St Georges 4th 67.895%

Boogie Woogie did a great job on very difficult footing, for 2nd in the Grand Prix. Olympic judge gave 71.2% and that’s the one that counts!

Class Name: FEI Grand Prix CDI-W 2nd 68.420%

Clever Boogie Woogie did his first ever CDI-W Kur at Werribee last night. Thrilled to get over 70% and 2nd place, with lots of green mistakes, but he finished feeling very pleased with himself. I feel we are really developing some trust in our partnership now . Hopped straight off, with no time for the presentation, but luckily made our flight with time to spare. A huge thanks to the entire Statene Park team who all pulled together to make it work, and also the support of my wonderful clients, who are so loyal and always there to support me. I am going to really miss you guys! Will so miss my wonderful friends and family. Thanks super coach Gitte, and Manny who got us on our flight on time!

Class Name: FEI Grand Prix Freestyle CDI-W 2nd 70.075%

Now it’s off to Europe to compete in the World Cup next weekend on Umbro.

Big thanks to all my sponsors, especially Carolyn from Horsemate who had the horses stables all made up and ready for us with beautiful bedding.


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