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2017 Dressage with the Stars

My beautiful Boogie Woogie and Sancette did themselves proud tonight with first and second in the Grand Prix Kur CDI-W at PSI Dressage with The Stars . My wonderful horses including Umbro and Calanta have been undefeated except by each other since we returned to Australia last September . I am so lucky to have these beautiful horses and to be able to enjoy the amazing journeys each one of them has taken me on. We have had adventures all around the world, and there is still so much in store as we set off to Europe next month to train and compete, and just see how far we can go. FEI CDI-W Grand Prix Freestyle Boogie Woogie 6 1st 71.355% Sancette 2nd 70.490% FEI CDI-W Grand Prix Boogie Woogie 6 1st 71.020% Sancette 2nd 67.540%


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