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2017 Victorian Dressage Championships

Mary and her two Grand Prix horses had their first start in Australia since returning from a successful trip to Europe. In the FEI Grand Prix CDI-W Boogie Woogie shined winning the class with 70.360%, Calanta came third with 66.960% and Sancette Mary’s previous Olympic mount now ridden by Mary’s daughter Gitte came fifth with 64.900%. Next it was Calanta’s turn to shine, winning the CDI-W Freestyle with 74.4%, and Boogie Woogie second. Mary’s first time riding to new music. ” A big thanks to my trainer Patrik Kittel and Lyndal who helped so much with Cally’s choreography and music, and Markus Hinzke who produced the music. It was so much fun to ride , and Cally loved it too!” FEI Grand Prix CDI-W Freestyle 1st CALANTA 74.400% 2nd BOOGIE WOOGIE 6 70.850% 5th SANCETTE and Gitte Donvig 67.380%


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