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2019 Victorian Dressage Festival

Proud of Harmonie winning The Gert Donvig memorial trophy. This trophy means a lot to us as it is in memory of my first husband, Gitte’s father, who was tragically killed in a car accident in 1988. To win his trophy with Gitte’s lovely mare, who she has trained up herself, is a great honor. Gitte and Harmonie also won a Gold performance medal for 3 scores over 70%, in small tour, and also Calanta won a Gold medal for her performances with me in Grand Prix. A good weekend.

Such a nice day winning the Prix St George, on Gitte’s beautiful Harmonie with 71.9%, and my student Shanon placed second on our long time friend Quebec. A huge thanks to Gitte. It’s a credit to her training that someone else can hop on her horse and get such a good result. Gitte will be out of hospital in early January. She has made amazing progress, and I look forward to her being my eyes on the ground when I next compete my Grand Prix mares.


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