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Mary Hanna sets a Personal Best with Boogie Woogie at the Rio Olympics

Mary Hanna is the ultimate competitor, bigger the show, the brighter her star shines, and Boogie Woogie was looking assured and strong as they set off on their Grand Prix journey. It was a bit like the curate’s egg, good in places, actually better than good in places with a scattering of eights, but also a few fours and fives for a total of 69.643 with two judges over 70.

“That one was a personal best for Boogie, who has been doing Grand Prix for less than a year, so I couldn’t be more pleased with him. He’s such a baby, he’s still a bit of a baby in his mind and he hasn’t been the easiest horse. You may remember at Boneo I was bolting off into the sunset. He has just come so far and every day, I feel like he grows up. I know that that really good into the 70s score is there. He proved that today because I had several amazing mistakes and I still got a score. The judges really do like him and they have been very kind to him, if he makes a mistake they put him down, but when he does something good, they give him the points, so if one fine day in the next six months, I can just ride a clean test, I know I am right up there.”

What happened in the corner between C and M?

“He was looking at the high up camera. It was quite spooky when you were in there I have to tell, I didn’t expect it, I hadn’t seen that camera before. That was the one thing that was different and he is still a bit nervous about his surroundings changing. That’s one of the great things about being here, every day I work him in a different arena, I do something different, and he’s just grown up. I couldn’t have dreamt of doing that six months ago, three months ago, I couldn’t have done that. He’s such a cool little dude and he never runs out of energy, he keeps going to the end and he keeps fighting for you. The only thing is that he gets disturbed by things that move or change in his environment.”

Five Games down now, are you lining up for Tokyo?

“Oh mate, I’m completely prepared, I’ve got two horses up there, I’m more prepared than anybody!”

Judge in K 69.8% – E 70.3% – H 71.2% – C 69.9% – M 69.6% – B 68.3% – F 70.6%


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