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RIP Mosaic

So very sad that “Robbie” as he was known to his family and many friends has gone to greener pastures. Twenty years ago Robbie took me to my first international event, representing Australia at the World Championships in Den Hague. He then went on to Atlanta Olympics and became the first Australian horse to make the Special and finished 23 rd in the World. He also represented his country at the WEG in Rome and three World Cup finals.

Although diminutive in size ( barely 16 hands) he had a huge heart and enormous personality. He changed the face of Australian Dressage, and taught many many young riders the ropes of Grand Prix, especially with his spectacular one tempi changes.

This wonderful horse changed my life and took me on journeys that most can only dream about. My dear Robbie may you rest in peace, you will stay in my heart forever. So sad for not being able to be with you at the end . Thank you Shanon and all at home for being there for this special little guy . See the tribute as well on Eurodressage Here. He is pictured here last year then 30 years old , still fit and healthy and feisty.


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