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Sancette is back on track for Lyon

After an extremely stressful start things seem to be back on track for the World Cup final. Sancette’s foot has recovered nicely and he is back in work and feeling very energetic. He has been such a good patient but was so happy for me to be back in the saddle again, testing me out with some rather athletic maneuvers, not included in a dressage test. This week I have been able to ride both horses out in beautiful spring weather, and the lovely surroundings at our stables combined with some great lessons from Patrik have really lifted my spirits. The Aussies now almost outnumber the Swedes, as Briana Burgess and her lovely Grand Prix horse La Scala are here training with Patrik as well. Patrik has a great talent as an instructor. He is always positive and encouraging while being a perfectionist on the details. I also really like the way he warms the horses up, always taking care to stretch and relax the horses properly before we begin. He is very straightforward and logical in the way he explains things, and I particularly like the way all the horses are ridden without a whip but are quick off the leg. He has helped me a lot with my position and not allowing me to squeeze the leg too much. Boogie is a lot of fun to work with. He keeps me on my toes as he can be quite reactive about his environment outside, but he is gaining strength in all his Grand Prix work, and we are starting to make a good partnership. His extended trot is sensational, and the piaffe and passage are developing in a very good way.


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