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The Australian Dressage International Travel Fund Trust

A new fundraising facility and initiative that will support Australian based dressage combinations was unveiled in Melbourne this evening at the annual Dressage and Jumping with the Stars event.

Some prominent members of the Australian dressage community were on hand to announce the new initiative, which will raise money to go towards Australian based riders who are campaigning to compete overseas at Olympic Games, World Equestrian Games and/or World Cup events.

Long-standing dressage supporters, Four-time Olympian Mary Hanna and her husband Rob have pledged their support to the trust as the first to donate and have both been instrumental in stimulating the development of the trust.

The Australian Dressage International Travel Fund Trust will provide funding assistance to Australian based riders for transport, stabling and accommodation as well as training and equipment expenses associated with maintaining horses, riders and their support staff in countries outside Australia.

The fund will be administered by trustees Mr David Shavin (Equestrian Victoria Board Member), Mary Seefried (Chair, Australian Dressage Committee) and Mr Franz Venhaus (Nominee of Equestrian Australia) and has been set-up in an effort to give Australian based riders greater access to international training and competition experience.

Equestrian Australia Chairman Dr Warwick Vale said, “The establishment of a dedicated dressage trust allows donors to directly support Australian base dressage riders.

“This is a great example of collaborative effort between EA and members of the dressage community. EA also has plans to roll-out and promote fundraising initiatives with other disciplines.”

Full details on how members of the equestrian community can contribute will be revealed shortly.

There will also be an opportunity for people to contribute to dressage fundraising efforts through the Australian Sports Foundation, with full details to follow. All donations made through the Australian Sports Foundation are tax deductable.

Photo: Stephen Mowbray


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